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INT's "Classroom In A Box"

Whether you need to deliver standard desktop applications training or a custom class, INT's portable computer training room is a convenient and cost-effective solution for both large and small companies.

Over the course of 30 years, we have realized that companies of all sizes have a similar problem where computer training is concerned. Getting people to training classes is a challenge almost every human resources department has had to deal with at one time or another. Finding a class at a convenient time and location can be a significant challenge.

For a large, multi-site company, personnel are often separated by hundreds of miles. It's not cost effective to maintain a dedicated computer learning lab at each site, and yet associates in the outlying regions need the same training as those from the home office. This is the case for one of our primary clients. Given that Columbus is their headquarter city, most of their associates are within easy traveling distance to their training facility. However, a significant number work elsewhere in Ohio and the Midwest. For these associates, travel from to Columbus is neither cost- nor time-effective.

Small or mid-sized companies with less frequent training needs can not keep a space reserved for a dedicated training lab that will be used sporadically. Furthermore, their training demands do not justify the costs associated with a permanent lab and dedicated support staff. For these companies, there is really only one option: publicly offered, off-site computer classes.

Literally, A Classroom In A Box

Since 1986, INT Information Systems has offered a solution to these problems with our "Classroom In A Box". The "Classroom In A Box" is a fully equipped computer lab capable of accommodating up to 12 students. It can be set up in virtually any conference room in about an hour. Put simply, it brings a training lab to the client, allowing them to offer convenient, on-site classes for their associates. Clients can choose to provide the training themselves or use INT Information Systems' instructors. The problems associated with a computer lab - location, installation and maintenance - are no longer an issue. Our "Classroom In A Box" delivers private computer training to the client's door.

U-Shaped Setup

Multi-Table U-Shaped Setup 1 Multi-Table U-Shaped Setup 2

This is our most common configuration, using several tables to form a U, with four students on each side of the U.

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A portable computer lab like INT's can be especially helpful for the delivery of proprietary training. Public training centers offer classes only on the most popular and widely used programs - they are unable, in most cases, to provide training for custom, company-specific applications. The "Classroom In A Box" is perfect for specialized training: install the lab to a conference room and contract a private trainer, usually a partner of the software vendor, to deliver the class on site.

Single Table/Boardroom Setup

Single Table/Boardroom Setup 1 Single Table/Boardroom Setup 2

This is perfect for long or oddly-shaped rooms with room for only a single, wide table. For a full, twelve-station setup, we use 6 student chairs on each side of the table, with the projector sitting in the middle.

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The portable computer training lab is a convenient and cost-effective solution for both large and small companies. If you would like more information about rental of INT's "Classroom In A Box", or help building one of your own, please contact us.

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